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Anupama 11 May 2023 Written Episode Update. Star Plus TV Hindi Serial Anupama’s latest episodes Written Updates are available. New episodes of Anupama air every day.

Anupama 11 May 2023 Written Episode Update

Leela and Hasmukh exit Vanraj’s ICU room and inform Anupama that Vanraj wishes to meet her. Hasmukh advises her not to go if she doesn’t want to, but Leela insists that if she is present, she should go. Vanraj hopes that Anupama will come. Anupama enters the room, and Vanraj expresses his gratitude for her visit. He admits that Kavya has left him, but he doesn’t blame her.

Vanraj acknowledges that he has made many mistakes in his life, never valued relationships, and failed to give Anupama and Kavya the respect they deserve. He continues by saying that life is unpredictable, and he never thought he would suffer a heart attack, but now he realizes that he is not invincible.

Anupama 11 May 2023 Written Episode Update

Vanraj confesses that Anupama’s name is etched in his heart, and he acknowledges that he treated her poorly and was punished by God with a warning to change his ways. He understands that Anupama may not believe him, but he apologizes for everything.

Anupama Written update

Anupama counters that Kavya didn’t leave on her own but was coerced by Vanraj to depart. She informs him that Kavya made every effort but couldn’t manage, and urges him to forget the past and move forward because life is about progression. Despite this, Vanraj continues speaking until his heartbeat becomes erratic. Anupama insists that he stop and rest, and she leaves. Vanraj expresses his gratitude to her.

Upon returning home, Leela prays for her son's speedy recovery and inquires of Hasmukh whether he received a call from Samar. Hasmukh replies in the negative. Leela concedes that Hasmukh was correct in saying that Anupama is the Laxmi of their household. She acknowledges that they mistreated Anupama and are now facing the consequences of their actions. 

She asserts that her son is a good son, father, and brother, despite his flaws as a husband. Hasmukh points out that Vanraj’s poor treatment of Anupama has resulted in his current suffering. He further admonishes Leela for putting on a facade of goodness when in trouble but reverting to her evil ways once things stabilize. Hasmukh concludes by advising her to accept that Anupama will never forgive Vanraj as they are both culpable for their wrongdoing.

Leela counters by questioning what is wrong with prioritizing the happiness of the family. She admits to being flawed but insists that she is not entirely evil.

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Samar expresses his gratitude to Leela for taking care of the household and family after his mother left. Pakhi also apologizes and thanks her. Kinjal suggests that they should all strive to keep their parents happy. Pakhi adds that Anupama’s happiness is with Anuj. Toshu informs them that Anuj is currently missing and that he had been unable to reach him.

Samar speculates that Maaya might have played a part in Anuj's disappearance. Kinjal decides to contact Devika to get more information. She emphasizes the importance of supporting their parents during this difficult time.

Kanta tells Bhavesh that she had spoken with Devika earlier, but even Devika and Dheeraj are unaware of Anuj’s whereabouts. She prays that Anuj is safe and well, wherever he may be. When she hears Anupama approaching, Kanta urges Bhavesh not to bring up Anuj in her presence, as Anupama is understandably more preoccupied with his well-being.

Anupama wearily sits down on the couch, and Kanta begins to fan her, inquiring about Vanraj's condition. Anupama reveals that Vanraj had suffered a mild heart attack, but is expected to return home in a few days. Bhavesh departs to fetch some lemonade for her.

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Kanta expresses her concerns about fate, which seems to be pushing her towards someone she shouldn’t be with and taking away someone she should be with. Anupama clarifies that she went to the hospital not for Vanraj, but for the sake of her family, including Hasmukh and the kids, and that she doesn’t need either Vanraj or Anuj in her life anymore. The next day, Vanraj is discharged from the hospital and returns home.

Leela performs aarti to welcome him. The family urges him to rest, but Vanraj insists on working to provide for the family. Anupama agrees that responsibilities don’t let a person rest. Leela instructs Samar and Toshu to hide their father’s laptop and asks Vanraj to come inside.

Vanraj asks Anupama to come and sit beside him. The rest of the family leaves the room, leaving them alone. Anupama tries to leave but Vanraj stops her, expressing his fear that something might happen to him after his heart attack. He explains that he is worried about his children and parents, and he trusts only Anupama to take care of them if anything happens to him. He asks Anupama to make a promise to him. Anupama reluctantly agrees and listens to what he has to say.

The whole family walks away, leaving Vanraj and Anupama alone. Anupama tries to leave, but Vanraj asks her to stay back. He admits that he is afraid that something will happen to him after the heart attack. Anupama tells him not to say that. Vanraj continues, saying that he is worried about his children and parents. He worries that his parents won’t survive if he dies. He trusts only Anupama and asks for a promise from her.

Anupama Upcoming Story

In the upcoming episode, Anupama informs Kanta about Kinjal’s admission to her guru Malti Devi’s Gurukul. Anupama goes to the Gurukul and meets Malti Devi. She is impressed with the Gurukul and its environment. Malti Devi shows her around and introduces her to the students and staff. Anupama is happy to see Kinjal studying in such a prestigious institution.

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