Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Is Heartbroken

Ankush, in the company of Barkha and Adhik, makes an unexpected visit to the domicile of Anupama and cordially exchanges salutations with her kin.

Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Ankush, in the company of Barkha and Adhik, makes an unexpected visit to the domicile of Anupama and cordially exchanges salutations with her kin. Anupama, exhibiting good manners, responds courteously. Pakhi, perplexed by their unannounced arrival, inquires as to why they have come without a prior invitation. Barkha elucidates that they are related by blood, yet Pakhi refutes this notion and considers it an issue. Despite Barkha apologizing for the intrusion, Pakhi remains skeptical and implores Samar to document Barkha’s demeanor, as she foresees an abrupt alteration in her tone akin to the mercurial climate. Adhik cautions Pakhi to be mindful of her behavior and cites Barkha’s mea culpa.

Pakhi persists in her skepticism and draws attention to the underlying issue. Barkha humbly requests Anupama’s forgiveness, recognizing that the Kapadia mansion and the entire Kapadia dynasty belong solely to Anuj and Anupama, and expresses her ardent desire for their reconciliation. Ankush inquires about Anuj’s whereabouts and queries if anyone has contacted him, considering that his flight should have arrived by now.

Samar informs them that Anuj’s phone is switched off, which could mean a delayed flight. Shortly after, Vanraj, Leela, and Toshu make their entrance. Hasmukh greets them warmly and jests that nobody is more envious of Anupama’s happiness than them. Leela admits to their selfishness but declares their willingness to partake in Anupama’s joy. Vanraj echoes the sentiment and states that everyone desires to see Anupama contented. Nevertheless, Kanta interjects and accuses Vanraj, Leela, and Barkha of harboring ill intentions toward Anupama’s happiness.

Upon learning that Anuj’s flight has landed, Anupama receives words of commendation from everyone. However, Kanta astutely observes that Vanraj and Barkha’s smiles are counterfeit. Later, Samar brings to Anupama’s attention that Anuj’s phone remains unresponsive. While Vanraj proposes that Anuj may have missed his flight, Hasmukh speculates that he might be stuck in traffic or have misplaced his phone.

Anupama voices her anxiety, positing that Anuj would have reached out to her through another person’s phone had this been the case. Barkha endeavors to dial Maaya’s number but to no avail, discovering that her phone is also off. Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker, prompting Anupama to feel uneasy, but they promptly return to normal. Ankush voices his apprehension about Anupama’s emotional well-being and longs for Anuj’s safe return. Barkha postulates that Anuj may have only agreed to come due to Pakhi’s insistence and had no intention of attending.

Anupama recalls Anuj’s words about missing her and feeling excited to meet her. However, the family receives the news that Anuj’s name is not on the passenger list of any Mumbai flights, causing further worry. While Vanraj speculates that he may be on a night flight, Leela expresses her doubts about Anuj’s arrival. Kanta tries to reassure Anupama by saying that unforeseen circumstances could have delayed his arrival. Despite their attempts to calm her down, Anupama becomes restless and insists on going to Mumbai to search for Anuj.

Ankush kindly offers to drive Anupama to Mumbai, to which she agrees. However, just as they are about to leave, Anuj finally calls. Anupama answers with hope in her heart, but to her surprise, Anuj informs her that he has decided not to come and will stay in Mumbai with Little Anu and Maaya, believing that his happiness lies there. The family is stunned by the news and asks Anupama for more details, but she sorrowfully confirms Anuj’s decision.

Each member of the family expresses their disapproval of Anuj’s decision, and some even scold him over the phone. However, Anupama abruptly ends the call and declares that nobody is allowed to criticize Anuj or confront him directly. She also asserts that nobody can force her to return to the Shah house as she is an independent woman who can take care of herself.

Anupama recites a poem celebrating her abilities and independence and declares that she will live for herself from now on. Despite Vanraj’s suggestion to return home, Anupama refuses and tells him that she doesn’t want to hear the same thing repeated over and over again. When Leela tries to speak, Anupama warns her not to say anything at that moment.

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