Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update

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Anupama Written Episode Update

Samar shouts at Anuj, expressing his disbelief at his friend’s betrayal of Anupama. Kavya tries to calm him down, suggesting that there must be a reason behind Anuj’s actions. Samar reveals that Anuj confessed to wanting to live with Maaya instead of Anupama, which he sees as a clear betrayal. Vanraj chimes in, stating that Anuj is trying to hurt Anupama back and doesn’t want to return. Kavya disagrees with Vanraj’s assessment, arguing that it’s more in Vanraj’s nature to betray and hurt people, not Anuj’s. She is confident that there must be a strong reason behind Anuj’s decision.

Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update

Pakhi believes that Anuj truly wants to come back, but he stopped for a parent-teacher meeting. She’s convinced that something must have happened. Hasmukh disagrees, saying that no reason could be bigger than love and that Anuj was in the wrong for not returning. Ankush offers to go to Mumbai tomorrow and find out the reason, as he’s sure that someone must have brainwashed Anuj. Barkha disagrees, shouting that Anuj is not a child to be influenced like that. Meanwhile, Anupama walks to her room and takes off her makeup, as the song “Naina Ek Kahani” plays in the background.

Kanta hugged Anupama tightly, feeling emotional as she shared her disappointment about Anuj’s broken promise. Despite Kanta confirming the promise with him, Anuj didn’t show up. Anupama responded that her and Anuj’s companionship had reached its end, and it was time for them to go their separate ways.

Concerned for her friend, Kanta asked Anupama how she was doing. Anupama admitted that she was hurt and surprised that she hadn’t had a heart attack from the pain. She decided to prioritize herself moving forward and promised never to open the chapter on Anuj again. Anupama was ready to start fresh, alone.

As the Shah family arrived home, Leela immediately scolded them for visiting Anupama despite her warnings. Vanraj expressed his belief that Anuj wouldn't return and criticized his actions.

Kavya disagreed, sensing that there might be something deeper going on. Kinjal also shared Kavya’s suspicion. However, Vanraj dismissed their thoughts, saying that they were still deluded and supporting Anuj.

Samar added that Anuj had lost all respect after betraying Anupama. Kavya tried to interject, but Vanraj cut her off, continuing his point.

Kavya accuses Vanraj of only thinking about himself and not understanding anyone else's situation, including Anuj, Anupama, and her. She expresses that she needs him as she left her husband and career for him, but he does not care about her. Vanraj argues that he did not stop her from working, but Kavya retorts that he wants to overpower her and control her choices. She reveals that he did not allow her to take up a job in Delhi and stopped his own modeling career before it took off. Vanraj responds by saying that wearing revealing clothes and getting photos clicked is not real modeling. Leela intervenes and asks them to stop their argument.

Vanraj continues to argue with Kavya, criticizing her for talking to Anirudh. Kavya asks him to be specific and points out that he and Leela are still dreaming of bringing Anupama home, so why can’t she talk to Anirudh? She questions why Vanraj doesn’t realize that he is just the father of her children and nothing more. Kavya then lashes out at Vanraj for letting her have children, saying that it’s a good thing she didn’t have any with him because she would be ashamed to tell them that Vanraj is their father.

Hasmukh interrupts the argument and tells everyone to stop and not fight anymore. Meanwhile, at the Kapadia mansion, Adhik scolds Pakhi for trying to bring Anuj and Anupama back together and losing any chance of reconciliation. Barkha joins in, agreeing with Adhik. Ankush then criticizes Vanraj and Toshu, calling them toxic and saying he wouldn't want to stay with them. Barkha adds that Anuj and Anupama will never return to their house, and Pakhi must decide whether to stay or leave. Pakhi asks Adhik if he will come with her to their house, but Adhik declines, so Pakhi decides to stay wherever her husband stays.

Anupama is lying on the bed, reminiscing about the good times she spent with Anuj while the song “Do Nainaa” continues to play in the background. Bhairavi wipes her tears and asks if she is also unable to sleep. Anupama confirms that she can’t sleep. Bhairavi shares that whenever she remembers her father, she gets a smile on her face as he used to scold her and love her immensely.

Anupama is lying on the bed and remembering the good times she spent with Anuj, while the song “Do Nainaa” continues playing in the background. Bhairavi approaches her and notices her tears. She asks if Anupama is having trouble sleeping, to which Anupama replies that she is not. Bhairavi shares that whenever she remembers her father, she smiles because he used to scold her and love her deeply.

Anupama tells Bhairavi that they should focus on the good memories of her father and not the bitter ones. Bhairavi agrees and says that she always smiles when she thinks about her father. Anupama tells her to keep smiling then. Bhairavi says that they should sleep now as she needs to wake up early to sell vegetables. Anupama puts her to sleep and thinks about how she's hurt that Anuj didn't give her a reason for his decision. She prays to God to keep him and Little Anu safe and happy, and though she loves him, she won't wait for him again. The next morning, Kavya walks out of her room with her bag.

Kinjal questions Kavya if she is leaving the house. Kavya replies that she can stay in the house by force, but her heart is not in it, so she has decided to leave. The Shah family is left shocked by her statement. Meanwhile, Kanta notices Anupama searching for something and inquires about it. Anupama reveals that her students gave her an advertisement for an international cultural group visiting Ahmedabad. Kanta offers to get it for her and asks why she needs it. Anupama explains that dance class alone is not enough and she needs to do something else. Kanta then asks Anupama to make a promise.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama will inform Kanta that Kinjal has been admitted to her admirer Guruma Malti Devi’s gurukul. Meanwhile, Kavya will leave the house warning Vanraj that there will come a day when he will be alone with no one to support him. As a result of this, Vanraj will collapse.

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