Jio Air 5g Advantages and Uses

Jio Air 5g Advantages

  •  Plug and Play Devices 

As outlined in Reliance AGM, Jio Air Fiber is a 5G hotspot device that operates in a plug-and-play setup, providing access to high-speed fibre-like connectivity.

Unlike the standard Jio fibre, Jio Air Fiber offers an Internet connection speed comparable to Jio Fiber. However, the latter is limited to the specific area where the modem is installed, while the Jio Air Fiber can be ported anywhere for ease of use. This is done wirelessly and can support a large user base on a single network.

Jio Air 5g use cases

 During Reliance’s AGM meeting, Jio President Jio showed how Jio Air Fiber users can simultaneously deliver multiple camera angles of sporting events in excellent resolution at 5G speed Due to the extremely low latency in 5G, Jio Air Fiber customers can participate in cloud-based multiplayer games or party with friends.

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