VI 5G Plans 365 Days

     Vi 5g is Launched in India by PM Modi and in This Article We are Going to Talk About What Vi 5g Sim Price is in 365 Days and Recharge Plans are, So Let’s Start.

5g Launch in India 

 The 5G Spectrum Auction in India is finally over.  The auction ended with a record bid of 150 Million won.  Leading bidders in India were Jio, Airtel, Vi (Vodafone-Idea) and startup Adani Data Network. 

Vi 5G Price 365 Days

  Jio is number one with highest bid of 88000 crores.

 Airtel came next at 43,000 crores, followed by 

 Vi at 18,899 crores and Adani Data Network last.

Vi 5G Sim Price In 365 Days

Vi 5G SIM first look

Vi hasn’t confirmed any Price yet but Vi 5G SIM Price is same as 4G Sim because if you have Vi 4G Sim Then You Don’t Have to Change it. You can enjoy Airtel 5g Plus in 4G Sim So “Vi 5G Sim Price is ₹545″

Note: Vi Sim Price and Vi SIM Recharge Plan are Just an Estimated by Our Professional that Can Be True and can be false.

Vi 5G Recharge Plan  In 365 Days

This Recharge Plans are Estimated Depending on Vi 4G So here is a List of Vi 5G Recharge Plan.

Vi 5G Recharge Plans List In 365 Days

Now we are going to share the List of Vi 5G Postpaid, Prepaid  Plans.

Vi 5G Prepaid Plans

Vi 5G Reacharge plans 365/day

Validity Data/Day High Speed Voice SMS
 365  5 GB  850 mbps  Unlimited  100/DAY

Price: ₹5999

Validity Data/Day High Speed Voice SMS
 365  4 GB  700 mbps  Unlimited  100/DAY

Price: ₹5888

Validity Data/Day High Speed Voice SMS
 365  3 GB  850 mbps  Unlimited  100/DAY

Price: ₹3533

Vi 5G Download Speed

Vi 5G Avarege Download Speed will Be Around 5 gbps depending on Which Plan You Recharge.

Vi 5G Upload Speed

Airtel 5g Plus Avarege Upload Speed will Be Around 2 gbps depending on Which Plan You Recharge. In 365 Days

Do I need a new phone to use Vi 5G?

   Yes, you need to buy a new smartphone with 5G support to use the network. For example, smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 5G mobile platform are 5G compatible.

   There are several new phones designed to support 5G, and 5G wireless networks are supported by several carriers around the world. As the 5G rollout schedule progresses, more smartphones and carrier subscriptions will be possible as 5G technology and 5G compatible devices become mainstream.

     Do I need a new SIM card to use Vi 5G?

     No, you don’t need a new SIM card.  You can use 5g on your existing 4g Sim.


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