What are the uses of Jio Air Fiber?

By using Jio Air Fiber to deliver 5G speeds in the air, users will be able to take advantage of fast data speeds in various applications such as cloud gaming, augmented reality, and viewing immersive sports content. Jio shows how users can simultaneously stream multiple camera angles of high-definition sports events using 5G.

Using Jio Air Fiber, users will also be able to do away with expenses related to buying computer hardware as they can instead opt for a virtual PC hosted on the cloud, called Jio Cloud PC.

Jio Air Fiber can be installed at home or the workplace. And it’s just a wireless plug-and-play 5G hotspot. This is like a better version of JioFi. Users of portable gadgets displayed on the 2022 AGM should plug them in. And then turn it on and start experiencing high-speed wireless broadband speeds like fibre.

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